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Help HASL get 50 new standing order supporters!

Support our members who are at the worst end of the housing crisis and doing everything we can to fight it!

HASL keeps on growing and we are busier than ever organising housing support and action across south London daily! One family recently won a massive High Court victory over Southwark council’s cruel treatment of families in overcrowded housing, our group protest at Lambeth’s Civic Centre stood up for homeless families facing serious health issues, and our Saturday meetings have over 100 people attending. 

All these activities and bigger, busier meetings mean that the costs of running our group have also increased. We’ve moved to a new bigger venue and our refreshments costs have also risen. Housing organising is hungry work and we want to make sure all our members are properly hydrated and have a healthy snack. Our new costs include making sure we have medical masks for everyone at our group meetings so that we can run them as safely as possible.

We don’t have a membership fee for HASL because many of our members are already in financial hardship and our members give so much of their time and energies running the group. So instead we ask for supporters to set up solidarity standing orders to give the equivalent of membership fees.

These standing orders from our amazing supporters help to cover our basic running costs. But we need more of you! From our experience, having supporters with regular standing orders is the best way to fund our group – it’s a way to build solidarity and the HASL family, it helps to keep our group truly independent, it means we can focus on energies on housing organising (rather than doing grant applications) and it’s a sustainable funding model so we’re confident we can meet our basic costs. 

If you or someone you know have secure housing with a stable income, please consider setting up a £4 a month standing order to support our group. Send us an email at haslfinance[at]gmail.com and we’ll send you instructions on setting up a standing order. When we’re doing our accounts, the best thing is seeing all our supporters’ names on the bank statements!

Please help us spread the word to help us reach our target of 50 new standing order supporters.

More about our funding

HASL’s basics costs include hall hire, meeting refreshments, crafts for children’s activities, medical masks, printing, and protest props!

Our running costs are funded by our supporters’ standing orders. We also have a Trust for London grant which pays for our 2 housing group co-ordinators who are paid for 2 days and 1 day a week.

Funding Drive! We need 100 supporters!


Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth and our sister group, Haringey Housing Action Group, (together making up the London Coalition Against Poverty) are in need of funds. As two active grassroots groups we currently have over a 100 active members who are learning our rights, helping each other to enforce these, providing vital moral support, and organising collective actions and campaigns. Through our years of organising in north and south London we have built up really strong support networks that organise practical support on housing and other poverty issues on a daily basis. However, as we have grown so have our costs, and we currently spend £5000 a year for our basic running costs of hall hire, refreshments and leaflet printing.

To cover these costs we want to sign 100 people up to standing orders of £1 a week (or £4 a month). We could try and raise this by charging membership fees, but our members are already struggling with rent arrears, Universal Credit delays, high rents and low paid work. We encourage our members to support our group by their active involvement in running the group and this is really effective and how we have been able to achieve so many important wins. That’s why we want to find 100 supporters to pay the equivalent of fees, so our members don’t have that extra problem.

We provide long-term support and solidarity on housing and poverty problems for each other. To continue doing this, we need this long-term sustainable funding!

If you would like to set up a standing order with us please email haslfinance@gmail.com and we’ll send you our bank details. We’ll also ask you to confirm whether you would like to receive our email newsletter which we send out every 2 months or so.

Please share this message with others and help us get 100 people signed up!