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London Coalition Against Poverty first meeting of 2015 featuring Focus E15 mums campaign!

London Coalition Against Poverty is a coalition of local groups who meet to provide support with housing and benefit issues (homelessness, benefit sanctions, welfare cuts, and dodgy private landlords), and take collective action on the issues we face. The local groups meet regularly in their home boroughs. You can read more about how these groups work in this brilliant pamphlet.

Every 3 months or so we all meet together in London Coaliton Against Poverty general meetings to share our expereinces and tactics, questions and ideas, and discuss how we can co-ordinate our activities.

For our first meeting of 2015 we’re excited to have some people from the Focus E15 mums campaign join us. As a main focus of the meeting, we hope to discuss the issues we’ve taken action on and what tactics have worked, what hasn’t worked or things we’re struggling with, and make plans and share ideas for issues we’re yet to tackle. We’ll be making plans for things we’d like to make happen in 2015.

London’s housing crisis is intensifying, and the main political parties are all promising further welfare cuts when we’re already struggling to survive. Come along to listen to and share experiences of organising mutual support groups and to help organise grassroots solidarity and action.

Our first LCAP meeting of the year is being hosted by Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth on Saturday 17th January, 1pm at World Development Movement Offices, 66 Offley road, Oval, SW9 0LS. Whether you’re already involved in your local LCAP group, or you keep on meaning to be, or if you want to start a new group in your area – come along!

There will be food and childcare (please let us know if you need childcare so we can know numbers in advance). haslemail[at]

HASL Kids Day & Christmas Party

Want to help get the quality, secure, affordable homes that we all need?

Come along to the Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth kids day and Christmas party!

Saturday 13th December, 1pm at Papa’s cafe, 10-17 Pulross Road, Brixton, SW9 8AF


Come and celebrate the successes we’ve had!
Come to meet and find out more about the group.
Everyone welcome, bring your kids! – whether you’ve been involved in HASL for some time, are new to the group, or keep on meaning to get involved.
Join and share our facebook event.

London Coalition Against Poverty meeting this Friday


Inspired by the Focus E15 mum’s occupation and Our Hendon’s regular blockades of Barratts to prevent the destruction of their homes? Want to get involved in local and London-wide housing action? Come along to this Friday’s London Coalition Against Poverty general meeting. London Coalition Against Poverty is made up of local groups which meet regularly to provide support and take action together on issues faced and raised by their members – from helping each other make bedroom tax appeals, visiting the housing office on mass to take on the gate keeping of the homelessness application process, and the odd occupation of council homes facing sell-off.

Every 2-3 months, groups that are members of LCAP, of which HASL is one, meet up together to share what they have been up to in their local boroughs, exchange advice and tactics, and plan actions and other events such as training sessions. Whether there’s an LCAP group in your area that you’d like to meet, or you’re interested in starting a group, come along this Friday to meet people and get involved! The meeting will start at 1.30pm at Casa Latina (groundfloor room), 10 Kingsgate Place (off Kilburn High Road), Kilburn, NW6 4TA

You can read more about LCAP’s stories, experiences and ideas for organising in this ace pamphlet.