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Join us for a quick fun action this Thursday!

This Thursday 8th May, join us at 12pm at Southwyck Community Hall (on Moorlands estate, just off Moorlands road). Instead of our regular meeting, we will head off together for a quick action in support of one of our members who is being affected by the bedroom tax. Bring bedroom stuff if you can – pyjamas, blankets, toys, etc. so we can make ourselves at home. 🙂 Please spread the word to friends, family, neighbours. 

Afterwards, we’ll head to Papa’s cafe for a tea (HASL’s finances can cover tea for everyone I reckon) and chat.
Hope to see you there!


Come and show support for a HASL member’s bedroom tax refund. We’ve had enough of being messed around by the housing office!

Join us on Friday 25th April, 11.50am meeting outside Brixton Customer Centre, Olive Morris House, Brixton Hill. Bring friends, family, neighbours!


Ellen is due a refund of the bedroom tax that she has been forced to pay for a year now, as she meets the criteria for the bedroom tax loophole. However, the housing office have not been all that helpful in getting this refund back to her.


The housing office have taken over a month to respond to our appeal letter and we only received the unfavourable response after chasing them up about this. The response gave very little detail or evidence of why this negative decision had been made.


The bedroom tax (one of many brutal welfare and housing cuts) is causing great hardship to the hundreds of thousands of people it is affecting. The refund offers a tiny respite from this stress and suffering by returning a small sum of money that should never have been taken off of them in the first place. It takes little effort from the council and will make a huge different to the people who receive it.


Join us to make our challenge at the housing office to demand the bedroom tax refund for Ellen and that our dealings with the housing office to be met with more respect.