Demanding #AnswersAndAction at Olive Morris House


Thanks to everyone who joined us and English for Action this afternoon outside Olive Morris House in support of Mary Luz and her family calling on Lambeth to give them the secure, local, social housing they desperately need. Mary Luz and her family have had an incredibly difficult time of appalling housing and it’s really inspiring that they have the energy to keep on fighting. And fighting is best done together of course!

Lambeth council and the housing office staff definitely saw and heard the HUGE support the family have! And we’ll keep on taking action and supporting the family until Lambeth take the action needed!

We tried to present this beautiful house (see photos below) with clear and simple messages to Lib Peck or any other housing managers, but we were quickly evicted by security.

Our pressure is having an impact. After our twitter storm on Monday, Mary Luz received letters saying the council are reviewing their decision of temporary housing and banding. But maybe they’re trying to save face. We won’t stop until we have the keys to local, social housing. You can still contact the council on twitter and by email to show your support for Mary Luz and her family with a template letter and tweets here.  Come along to meetings to meet and get involved in the group and get good homes for everyone!




IMG_20160407_144136461_HDR (1)

IMG_20160407_142819121 (1)


No more long journeys


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