Eviction resistance success at Dorchester court


Big thanks to everyone who turned out to support Roz and the Dorchester court residents turn away the bailiffs yesterday morning! On seeing our gathering and banners, the bailiffs made no effort to evict and simply left. A few people were still inside munching on breakfast and missed the bailiffs’ brief visit completely! But Roz, and many other residents still have the threat of eviction hanging over them from private landlord company Manaquel so we’ll be planning more action to support the residents to fight for their homes, their estate and their community.
Manaquel is a company which owns the estate in Herne Hill and rents out private rented flats there. For the last couple of years Manaquel have let the estate fall into disrepair whilst at the same time massively increasing the rents for the tenants. Unable to pay the increased rents, tenants have been receiving possession orders for their homes and bailiffs at their doors. Residents are calling for the rents to be brought down and for all evictions to be stopped.

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