Join us for the big housing weekend!

hasl birthday meme

The big housing weekend is upon us! We’re excited to be joining the HUGE Reclaim Brixton event this Saturday where thousands of people, including local campaign and action groups, from across Lambeth are descending on Windrush square to celebrate and protest in defence of our communities. We’ll be there to make lots of noise against bad housing, homelessness, and social cleansing! We’ll be joining the Guinness Trust estate feeder march meeting at the estate at 11am to march to Windrush square together. See here for other meet up points.

On Sunday we’ll be celebrating our second birthday with food, cake, games and good company at Papa’s cafe from 12pm. Everyone welcome! Join and share our facebook event here.

On Wednesday 29th April we’ve got our regular HASL meeting at 6.30pm at Renton Close Community Centre, Brixton Hill, SW2 1EY. Join us to reflect on the events gone, to think about what next, and to give and receive housing support and information, and to plan action.

On Wednesday 29th April at 12pm we will be leafleting outside Brixton Job Centre as part of Boycott Workfare’s week of action against workfare and sanctions. As everyone knows, benefit sanctions are causing homelessness and deeper poverty. We’ll be handing out Know Your Rights leaflets and speaking to people about their experiences and what we can do together to get the housing and welfare we need and deserve. Everyone welcome to join us and help out.

birthday flier

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