HASL April news

Here’s some important HASL dates for your diary. We hope you can make some or all of the events!

Thursday April 9th 12pm at Papa’s cafe – our regular HASL meeting with kids activities and an Easter egg hunt.

Saturday 18th April – afternoon, location in Brixton TBC, HASL training session including ‘how to be a buddy’ skill share and eviction process legal workshop. Let us know you’re coming so we can keep track of numbers haslemail@gmail.com

Sunday 26th April – from 12pm HASL’s second birthday and supper club at Papa’s cafe. Celebrate 2 years of helping each other fight for the housing we need and deserve and organising in our communities.

Some of us from HASL will be visiting Oxford for the re-launch of their Oxford Tenants Union on Wednesday 22nd April. Please share with anyone who lives there who might be interested!

And don’t miss these events and trainings organised by some of our friends –


Reclaim Brixton Saturday 25th April 12pm Windrush Square – a day of protest and party to celebrate Brixton communities and resist gentrification.

Boycott Workfare is a campaign against benefit sanctions and forced unpaid work for benefits. Workfare and benefit sanctions deepen poverty and cause homelessness. And now the government are talking about introducing sanctions to housing benefit for in-work claimants, more on this soon. Boycott Workfare week of action 25th April-2nd MayBoycott Workfare Welfare Action Gathering Saturday 30th May.

Training sessions

Want to learn how to facilitate great housing action meetings for HASL and/or the Radical Housing Network? Facilitation training is on Sunday 17th May by London Roots Collective. Book your free place here.

Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organisation is running a course in May on benefits for people who are active in their local community on welfare issues. See attached leaflet more more details. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4vukjPu8rTPNklWNlNwV2tUWnJ3dnFZRTV5STd2YV9Mcmk4/view?usp=sharing

Our latest HASL blogs

Our open letter to Southwark council about their disrespect to homeless people and confirming our rights to have someone with us at the housing office. https://housingactionsouthwarkandlambeth.wordpress.com/2015/04/02/your-right-to-have-someone-with-you-at-the-housing-office-our-letter-to-southwark-council/

Effortless evictions: Deregulation Act 2015 – a recent change in law that gives landlords more power and makes us even more precarious. https://housingactionsouthwarkandlambeth.wordpress.com/2015/04/03/effortless-evictions-the-deregulation-act-2015-2/

Lib Peck won’t speak to poor people – when we tried to talk to her about poverty and homelessness at her £90 a head breakfast with developers last month https://housingactionsouthwarkandlambeth.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/lambeth-council-leader-doesnt-want-to-speak-to-poor-people/

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