HASL’s first supper club this Sunday and other updates

Black Panters' Free Breakfast for School Children Programme

Black Panters’ Free Breakfast for School Children Programme

  1. Come to HASL’s first supper club this Sunday!

Join us this Sunday 3-7pm at Art Nouveau, 77 Atlantic road, Brixton for tasty, nutritious free food and to hang out together, play games, and watch films. We hope this will be the first of many. Join and share our facebook event here https://www.facebook.com/events/410377939139589

  1. Linking up with Skills Network and English for Action

We had a brilliant workshop with the wonderful women at Skills Network last Friday. We had a really lively and engaged discussion about what HASL does, our housing rights, the housing crisis, and getting quality housing for everyone. We left feeling really inspired, energized and enraged. We’re looking forward to working together with the Skills Network and supporting each other’s work. Thanks to Skills Network for the invitation and for your energy and enthusiasm.

This Monday, we joined English for Action (participatory ESOL classes, teaching English and organising for social change) for their first community meeting in Walworth. A wide range of issues and concerns were discussed. Unsurprisingly, housing came up a lot. We’re looking forward to working together more with English for Action so that we can support each other to get the quality housing we all need and deserve.

  1. Action call outs

Save the date – Lambeth council leader Lib Peck, whilst ignoring local residents concerned about social cleansing, is making time to breakfast with her developer pals for 90 quid a head on Tuesday 24th March at the London Marriot, County Hall.

Support Gustavo – Gustavo is currently being housed by the council in temporary accommodation, but it’s likely that in the next three weeks, the council will deem him not ‘in priority need’ and will end it’s duty to house him. We say – everyone is priority need! Show your support this Monday 9th, meeting outside Olive Morris house, Brixton hill at 9am.

The Aylesbury protest occupation in Camberwell/Elephant and Castle is calling on supporters to visit their occupation tomorrow daytime – Wednesday – to show their support. People from the occupation have two court dates in the morning. They’ll be outside Camberwell Green Magistrates from 10am-12pm tomorrow in solidarity with one of the residents who was arrested by police at the eviction.

  1. Our next regular meeting and other upcoming events

Our next regular meeting is Thursday 12th March, 12pm at Papa’s cafe, 10-17 Pulross road, Brixton, SW9 8AF. Come along to give and receive housing support, and plan actions together, and to support your local housing action group. We’re all volunteers, we need your input to make all the plans we have happen.

Focus E15 workshops to build a movement around the slogan Social Housing Not Social Cleansing from 18th-21st March at PEER Gallery in Hoxton with a workshop from Skills Network, a workshop on migrants’ housing rights, and a public talk featuring Focus E15, Our West Hendon, and London Coalition Against Poverty. Facebook event and more details here https://www.facebook.com/events/341894719339610

Great Novara radio podcast on poverty, housing and austerity. The stories in this episode show exactly why HASL exists – so that we don’t struggle alone!

Get ready for April – it’s HASL’s birthday! The big two! We’ll set a date for this soon.

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