Support needed this Monday – social housing now!

T and her family are facing homelessness at the hands of Southwark council. If this goes ahead, this will be the third time the family have experienced an eviction and homelessness. Come along and show your support for her and her kids to be given the secure, social housing in their home borough that they desperately need.

Join us this Monday 8th December at 2pm meeting on the south end of London Bridge next to the staircase with the big spike and near to Evans Cycles.

T and her family endured years in poor quality temporary accommodation before being offered unsuitable social housing by the council. When she declined this offer of unsuitable housing due to health reasons, the council declared her ‘intentionally homeless’ and she was evicted from her temporary accommodation. We know that no one is intentionally homeless! Let’s make sure the council learn this too!

Join our anti-eviction phone network for updates. Text 07741910527

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