Lib Peck – What’s your priorities! Social housing or social cleansing?

Lambeth Council leader Lib Peck will be speaking at MIPIM, the world’s leading property fair, being held in London Olympia on 15th – 17th of this month. MIPIM is the place for developers, speculators, landowners and politicians to meet in order to carve up our cities while prioritising profit over people. It has been the favoured honeymoon destination of Southwark Council and Heygate developers Lend Lease over the years; one of many wonderful matches made at MIPIM.

MIPIM, where our cities are carved up between politicians, investors and developers.

It seems Lib Peck’s session, “Affordable Housing: Is it Worth it?”, and the opportunity to schmooze with private investors takes precedence over meeting her constituents. One resident of the Guinness Estate in Lambeth due for eviction before Christmas awaits response from the council leader who has remained silent over the possibility of a meeting to discuss the fate of 45 households being cleared from this estate.

Lib Peck – we ask you to meet residents of the Guinness estate and their supporters at MIPIM on Wednesday 15th. Show us what your priorities are: the fight against the homelessness of your constituents or private profiteering in our Borough?

The Radical Housing Network has plans to protest at the opening and closing of MIPIM, while also organising a conference to discuss and mobilise for the alternatives. Join us!

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