Bedroom Tax Meeting This Thursday

After our recent win with Djina’s case where we got rid of the bedroom tax for one of her rooms, her lawyer, Kevin,  from Lambeth Community Law centre has suggested that we can use the argument that the present use of the room must be taken into account when the bedroom tax is applied, for other people hit by the bedroom tax. If you are being hit by the bedroom tax please come along to this Thursday’s meeting where we can discuss how to do this. Tell anyone you know who is being affected and please spread the word.

Details of meeting:
12-1.30pm on Thursday 12th June at Southwyck House Community Hall, Moorlands Estate, Moorlands Road, Brixton, SW9 8TT (entrance through the passageway to the right of the red door near the corner with Coldharbour Lane).

Although there will be a focus on the bedroom tax, any other housing or welfare issues are welcome, we will make time for these as well!

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