Media Coverage of the Park Street Council Houses Occupation

We’ve now been occupying 21&23 Park street for a week in protest at Southwark council’s sell off of council housing and the wider housing crisis we face. We’ve had loads of people stopping by and showing their support for us – we’ve even received a greetings card in the post. We’d like to say a massive thanks for all of this support.

The occupation has received a good deal of media coverage in the national press. The mainstream media have picked up on the fact that housing is a major concern for most people – from housing benefit cuts, poor quality housing, temporary accommodation, stationary housing waiting lists, sky-high rents – and it is good to see some decent writing on the issue. It is quite something to see our ‘Homes For All!’ banner emblazoned on the front page of the Evening Standard. We’ve collected a selection of some of the media coverage we’ve had here. Whilst it’s nice to have hit the pages of national media, the most quality stuff is definitely from independent media sources and blogs, so make sure you check these out! Stay in touch with us by following and chatting with us on our blog, facebook, and Twitter. Drop us an email at haslemail[at] if you’d like to be put on our announcements email list.

National Media Coverage

Guardian feature by Amelia Gentleman featuring supportive local resident Maureen

Interesting piece in the Observer about the history of the Park street building

Our Comment is Free piece

Article on the BBC website

Financial Times article (behind a paywall – boo)

Article in The Independent

Independent media

Schnews piece

Occupied Times interview

People’s Republic of Southwark

London SE1

London SE1 discussion forum


Squat Net

We’ll be having a stall in Windrush square this Saturday from 11am -3pm to hand out our ‘Resist Evictions’ posters and to talk with people about their housing problems and about the group.

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