Upcoming events – get involved!

Today’s meeting was buzzing with ideas. We’ve got lots of things we’d like to do over the coming months. We welcome people to get involved – email us at haslemail[at]gmail.com to join the email list, chat with us at one of the below events, come along to a meeting.

Here are some things we’re working on:

We’ll have our beautiful banner ‘Homes For All’ and will be leafletting at the Lambeth Country Show

A stall/ leafletting at Dominos club on Saturday 20th July

Lambeth Eviction Resistance – we’re going to set up a phone tree so that we can stop evictions and we’ll have ‘NO EVICTIONS’ posters to put up in our windows

Food not bombs – cooking up fresh food to share in Windrush square in these summer evenings

A film night and other social events

Come along and get involved in action for decent homes for everyone.

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